Web Application

HTTP toolkits

  • ​Hetty - a HTTP toolkit for security research.
  • ​httpx - a fast and multi-purpose HTTP toolkit allows to run multiple probers using retryablehttp library, it is designed to maintain the result reliability with increased threads.

Mocks & webhooks

  • ​mocky - the world easiest & fastest tool belts to mock your APIs.
  • ​Webhook.site - easily test HTTP webhooks with this handy tool that displays requests instantly.

Reverse proxy & simple server

  • ​Reproxy - a simple edge HTTP(s) server / reverse proxy supporting various providers (docker, static, file).

Upload & download

  • ​httpsweet - an HTTP server to easily download and upload files.
  • ​QueenSono - Golang binary for data exfiltration with ICMP protocol.