Testing with Objection

You can use the following toolkit to interact with the patched app:


After the patched app has been launched, you need to connect to it using objection.

Connect via USB

  • Find out app's PID.

    $ frida-ps -Ua
    PID   Name                     Identifier
    ----  -----------------------  ---------------------------------
    1234  MyApp                    com.mycompany.myapp
  • Start the objection exploration REPL.

    $ objection -g 1234 explore

Connect via network

  • Find in the console the moment of loading Frida, waiting for a connection.

  • Start the objection exploration REPL.

    $ objection -N -h -p 27042 explore


A quick guide to the most used objection's commands.


$ env

Run OS command

$ !cat Info.plist 

Download file

$ file download Info.plist

Import Frida scripts

In order to import and run the Frida script use the following command:

$ import "/tmp/frida-script.js"

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